Russia4Brits Competition

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The winners of our competition have been announced - please click here to read the press release!


Aim of the Russia4Brits competition

To promote the more positive aspects of Russia amongst young people in Britain today in order to bring a more positive image of Russia into the consciousness of a new generation, thus improving Russo-British relations and promoting international business and trade for the benefit of both nations.

Target generation

Young people aged approximately 15 - 19 (i.e. studying for GCSEs or A-levels at school or sixth form college or home educated). Why? This is a crucial stage of development in a young person’s perception of the world, when there is a possibility to shape and encourage their interests beyond their normal sphere. Therefore if a more positively balanced image of Russia in British society is to be created, then it is this generation at a malleable stage of their development needs to be targeted.

BREAKING NEWS: The competition is now open to children of all ages!!


How could Russia4Brits benefit society?

A cross-cultural project such as this nurtures a new generation of young Brits with a better understanding of the wider world we live in, as well as putting in the cross-cultural links that will engender better international relations and understanding in the future and continue the trend for mutually beneficial international business and trade.

Core of the project and it's scale

Project will lie in a contest among children (both individual/group works are welcome) on the variety of themes connected with Russia, her culture and image in the world. The contest will be a large-scale project at a national level. We welcome all children with any kind of interests. No previous knowledge of Russian language or culture is needed. The contest can become a part of scheme of work in any school subject (e.g. Russian language, History, English language, creative writing, art lessons, culturology etc.) or it can be intersiciplinary.

Description of contest

Submissions should be in the form of any one of the creative arts, e.g. video-clip song (any genre) poem short story newspaper article performance (video recorded) drawing/painting sculpture photography photo-collage cartoon new recipe in the Russian style...
In English or in Russian (with English subtitles/translation, if needed)

The deadline is 7th of April, 2014.



Ideally, the participants would submit a creative arts work individually or as part of a group project, covering one of the following topics:



The project has been split into different categories and we are allowing students to submit their work in the following forms:


Ultimately, we are willing to consider any creative work you may imagine, create and provide! The only request we have is that you do not submit works that are – nationalistic, racist, pornographic or violent as these entries will be dismissed and the entrants banned from entry.



Flights to Moscow from either Manchester or London (courtesy of EasyJet)

Book vouchers (courtesy of the European Bookshop)

Books (courtesy of Russia Local)

other prizes to be confirmed


How to submit your work

You can submit your work via this link - SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via email russia4brits [at] The deadline is 7th of April, 2014.

The Awards ceremony will be held at University College London School of Slavonic and East European Studies on 23rd April, 2014.

The winning works will be exhibited in Canary Wharf in London in May 2014 and published on-line. Potentially they may be exhibited at an arts gallery in Mayfair, London (tbc).




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